Toilet plumbing

Don’t leave your toilet plumbing and repairs to chance

Whether it’s an installation or repair job, toilet plumbing can be complex, messy and unhygienic. If something goes wrong, there’s potential for much bigger problems – including overflows and flooding.

It’s worth calling in an expert handle it for you.

At TCQ Plumbing, we are toilet repair specialists. We will expertly install or undertake toilet repairs, move taps, adjust pipes and anything else that needs tending to – at a very competitive price.

Call now on 1300 799 640 and we’ll be out today to give you a no-obligation quote. If you like what you see and hear, we can start working on your toilet plumbing straight away.

Toilet repairs

Is your toilet blocked? Can’t get it to flush? Does your cistern need to be repaired or replaced?
Or perhaps you no idea at all what’s causing the problem or making those weird noises.
Don’t worry, our experienced plumbers have seen and heard it all before.

Whether your toilet is leaking during the day, or 2am at night, don’t panic!

Simply give us a call and we will be there within the hour, as well as giving you instructions on how to minimise any damage caused.

We’ll repair your toilet and have you back on track in a flash (and a flush!).

Toilet plumbing

Need your toilet fixed or installed? Whether you need new pipes, a new tap or help after a home renovation, we’re here to assist.

You can be assured of fast and cost-effective answers for all of your toilet plumbing needs.

Tips for dealing with an emergency toilet leak

Below are tips from our plumbers to help YOU in an emergency.

The key is to act quickly and not to panic.

TIP One: Call us. We can give you instructions over the phone if you don’t know what to do!

Tip Two: Turn off the water. If you have an older style toilet you will find a tap next to the toilet. Simply turn this off and the water will stop. If you have a newer toilet and there is no tap, run to the front garden of your house and turn the main water tap off.

Tip Three: If your toilet is overflowing grab a few towels and place them near the toilet to absorbed any of the liquid leaking out. It is much easier to clean two towels than a large area of floor.

Tip Four: start cleaning up. Once the water has stopped within five minutes it should be easy to clean up the remaining mess.

Tip five: let us help you fix the problem.

These simple tips can save you a lot of headaches and damage costs.

Need fast, reliable toilet plumbing or toilet repair?

Call us on 1300 799 640 and we can be out to see you within the hour. We’ll even take 5% off your best quote.

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