Tap repair

We fix leaking taps and do all tap repairs

Leaking taps can do more than leave puddles and keep you awake at night. They can really hurt your water bill too. Don’t let your hard earned money – or precious snooze time – go down the drain.

We provide same day service to fix leaking taps and do all tap repairs, including mixer tap repair, to solve the problem quickly and cost-effectively.

Simply call us today – or book online – and we’ll be there within the hour to give your leaking tap an inspection and, in most cases, fix the issue on the spot.

Mixer tap repair specialists

Mixer taps are a great invention. However, when they go wrong they can create a range of unique issues. Our plumbers are experts in mixer taps – there literally isn’t a problem that we haven’t seen and solved.

Give us a call and one of our plumbers will be over to ascertain the problem quickly, then fix it, or let you know the best options.

Why are my taps leaking?

Our Sydney plumbers do leaking tap repairs every day. There are many possible causes of a leaking tap, such as:

  • Damaged parts: This is the most common reason. Generally a washer or part of the tap becomes damaged or warn and the tap begins to leak. This is generally very easy and cheap to fix, and won’t result in any major issues.
  • Broken plumbing: In some instances cracks can develop in pipes or part of the basin. This is quite rare, and generally involves a larger task to fix the problem. But, it can still be fixed in several hours.
  • Water pressure: Especially in new homes. The water pressure prevents water from draining or leaving a part of a pipe and leaking.
  • Worn cartridges: If you have a cartridge style tap, a worn cartridge can cause a leaking problem.

Whatever the cause, your TCQ Plumbing expert will be able to detail straight away the specific leaking tap problem that you are having. We will then provide a on the spot quote and solution to fix the problem.

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