Plan Your Garden to Avoid Blocked Drains

September 7, 2015 Plumbing 0 Comments

Tree roots are among the common culprits for blocked drains, and some trees are much more of a risk than others are. Fortunately, there are ways you can alleviate those types of problems with your landscaping. If you already have a lot of trees and other plants on your property, the first thing you’ll want to do is get a copy of the plumbing and sewer plans for your home. Then, you can look carefully at those plans and see where your plumbing runs in relation to the plants and trees that are already well-established. If you see that bigger trees or shrubs are close to the plumbing and drain lines, you may want to have those drains scoped to make sure there aren’t any roots getting into them.

If roots are becoming a problem for the sewer or incoming water lines, you may need to have more established trees and other plants relocated to a different part of your property. If you don’t do that, you could end up with ongoing problems with roots and blocked drains. Of course, choosing a reliable plumber to unblock your drains in Sydney is easy with TCQ Plumbing. Their experienced plumbers can check out the situation, as there may be other options for you, depending on the location of the plants or trees and existing plumbing pipes. Many blocked drains in Sydney and the surrounding area come from the roots of trees and large shrubs, but doing your homework can really help you avoid the issue.

When you decide it’s time to plant more trees, or you want to create a row of hedges or have shrubs in specific locations, the plans that show your plumbing and sewer pipes will come in handy. Those plans can help you decide how to design your garden, so you can get the best layout and not put your plumbing at risk. Poor planning may lead to future blocked drains, which in turn may result in you wasting money on drain clearing solutions that will have no effect on root systems. Even if a location would be a perfect spot for a big tree based on how it would make your garden look, you want to avoid planting there if it’s right by an incoming water line or an outgoing sewer pipe. Small trees might not be a problem, but trees generally don’t stay small forever. As that tree grows, it would really cause a problem.

Talk with TCQ Plumbing about tree roots and blocked drains, so you can make a good decision before you plant anything. By doing that, you can get a lot of great information about what kinds of trees may be better choices, and which types will be too invasive to plant close to plumbing. Any tree or large plant with bigger roots could become a problem, but some pose a much higher risk of blocking drains than others. Be sure to keep that in mind, and you can have a great garden you can enjoy for a long time and drains that work properly, too.