Our Projects

Construction of New Homes, Commercial Apartments, Town Houses, Granny Flats, Sub Divisions

TCQ Plumbing recently played an important role in the construction of various new homes, commercial apartments, town houses, Granny Flats and sub-divisions in the area. This included working on internal and external sanitary and stormwater systems, water and gas main runs and rough-ins, plus the finishing of all PC items.

Sanitary Sewer Rebuilds and Rehabilitation

Another one of the important projects that TCQ Plumbing team members recently completed involved not only the sanitary rebuilds of sewer systems, but also the rehabilitation of legacy systems to get them back up and running again in line with modern expectations and requirements.

Water Conservation for the Department of Education Commission in over 40 Government Schools

TCQ Plumbing recently oversaw water conservation efforts for the Department of Education Commission for over 40 government schools. Water efficient tapware was installed, reducing the water supply to sinks. The full flush toilet suites were replaced with new 5 star water efficient suites and no flush urinals were also installed.

Storm water Spoon Drains for the Catholic Schools Office

TCQ Plumbing was recently tasked with the installation and maintenance of storm water spoon drains for the Catholic Schools Office. The project was not only completed to the exact specification of the client, but also was able to exceed their expectations.

Fire Hydrant Installations

TCQ Plumbing recently completed work on a wide range of new fire hydrant installations in and around the area. New 100mm rolled groove hydrant systems with boosters were installed, as were new sprinkler systems around paint spray booths. Running water was installed alongside new fire hose reels.

Civil Drainage and infrastructure

TCQ Plumbing recently completed work on a wide range of civil drainage and infrastructure projects for the benefit of both clients and residents in the affected areas. Responsibilities included working on the main storm water and sewer lines under roadways and hooking them up to the residences in private developments.

Sewer Easement Encasements and Constructions

TCQ Plumbing recently completed a sewer easement encasements and construction project where they were tasked with encasing sewer mains in preparation for a number of exciting new developments that were to be constructed in the near future.

General Domestic & Commercial Maintenance Contracts

TCQ Plumbing has recently completed work on a wide range of general domestic and commercial maintenance contracts. Duties included responding promptly to a number of blocked drain service calls, hot water installs and replacements, leaking tap and pipe repairs and others depending on the situation.

Main Water Drills and Boring

TCQ Plumbing recently completed a project that involved a large amount of main water drilling and boring. During the project, representatives not only adhered to all Section 73 Certificate requirements but also bored water and gas services under roadways to private dwellings in the area.

High Pressure Jetting and CCTV of existing Sanitary and Stormwater Installations

A common project call-out for TCQ Plumbing is the high pressure jetting and CCTV inspections of existing sanitary and stormwater installations. Identifying blockages using our state of the art CCTV systems allows us faster clearance using high pressure jetting equipment.

Storm Water Management Systems for Dual Occupancy Certificates

One of the most prominent projects that were recently completed by TCQ Plumbing staff members included the installation and maintenance of storm water management systems. These systems were designed with all requirements dictated by dual occupancy certificates in mind for the benefit of clients.

Septic Systems to Main Sewer Conversions

Another one of the large-scale projects TCQ Plumbing recently completed involved converting septic systems into main sewer systems in rural areas. This project was quite large in scope but added ease and convenience to the clients everyday sewer needs.