Common Dishwasher Problems

September 16, 2015 Plumbing 0 Comments

Dishwashers are designed to make your life easier. They wash dishes quickly and allow you to enjoy time with your family, instead of standing at a sink scrubbing old, crusty food off the dishes.

Even though this appliance improves your life, it is not without its problems. Most of the problems that occur with a dishwasher are easy for homeowners throughout Sydney to solve; they just need to know how to go about solving them.

The following is a look at some of the common dishwasher problems that have resulted in the need to call a TCQ plumber in Sydney. Not only will we describe the problem, but also we will offer some suggestions on how you might be able to solve the problem yourself. For all dishwasher repairs and installations in the Sydney, North Shore, and Hills District, call TCQ Plumbing.

The Dishes are Still Really Wet After Running the Dishwasher

Dishes may be slightly wet after running the dishwasher, but if it feels like they are still sitting in water, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.
First, it is important to make sure you are properly loading your dishwasher. Improper dish placement in the dishwasher could result in the dishes not drying properly. If you are still experiencing wet dishes, it could be a sign that the heating element is faulty.

A faulty heating element will need to be fixed by an experienced plumber. TCQ Plumbing has the experience and knowledge you need to get this fixed in a timely manner.

Dishwasher is Not Draining Properly When in Use

In order for the dishwasher to run properly, the water needs to drain completely. If the water is not draining, it could be an indication that there is something wrong with either the hose or the filter.

First, check that the hose used to drain the dishwasher is properly installed. Oftentimes, the hose will become kinked or something is sitting on the hose. When this happens, the dishwasher is unable to drain.

Another reason why the dishwasher may not be draining properly is the filter being blocked. It is important to clean the filter on a weekly basis – if you use the dishwasher regularly – as this will keep it clean and allow it to drain.

The last reason for this occurring is a blocked drain. If the sink is blocked, the dishwasher may not be able to drain properly. TCQ Plumbing can help with blocked drains.

In the event you are still having problems with your dishwasher, it may be time to call an emergency plumber in Sydney. TCQ Plumbing provides a variety of home plumbing services, ranging from help with blocked drains to fixing dishwashers. Contact us and schedule an appointment. We will gladly come out to troubleshoot your dishwasher and fix any problems that may be present.