Common Culprits For Blocked Drains

August 28, 2015 Plumbing 0 Comments

A blocked drain can be a frustrating experience. It can also cause a lot of property damage if something overflows or a tap is left running. Rather than take the risk of having a blocked drain that could have easily been avoided, taking some precautions can reduce the chances that you’ll have a blocked drain to deal with. One of the most common causes for a drain blockage is fat or grease. Many people pour these things down their kitchen sink drain, and over time that can cause a clog that blocks the drain and backs up the water in it.

Since grease and fat stick to the inside of the pipes, they shouldn’t be poured down the drain.

The main cause of blocked drains in Sydney is often tree roots. They may look beautiful in your garden, but by their very nature, tree roots are constantly searching for water sources. Many older homes in Sydney’s suburbs, such as the northern beaches, the Hills district and Blacktown, are surrounded by mature trees. Coupled with the fact that most older homes still have their original clay pipes which are prone to cracking over time, can lead to the perfect environment for tree roots. Once a crack opens up, tree roots will enter seeking moisture and this will lead to blocked drains.

Another common reason for a clogged or blocked drain is hair. That’s especially true in the bathroom. If you shave and allow the hair to go down the drain, or if you brush your hair over the sink (or don’t stop the hair from going down the shower drain), that hair can start to build up in the pipes. Having a trap installed over the drains in your bathroom is a great way to keep the hair from building up. Snaking the drains can also work, and may need to be done on a schedule to reduce blocked drain problems. While small amounts of hair will usually go down the drain without any serious problem, larger hair clumps can quickly start to plug up the drain and can become a serious issue if not quickly treated.

Many people rinse foreign objects down the sink, or flush them down the toilet. Doing that can easily cause a clog or a blocked drain, and should always be avoided. If you have young children, you’ll want to supervise them closely and talk to them about what can be rinsed or flushed and what can’t. Even some adults may not know, and may try to flush things like paper towels or baby wipes. Even if these items are marked “flushable,” it’s still not really a good idea. To keep your drains from being blocked or clogged up, make sure you’re very careful about what you put into them. The better you treat your drains, the less likely you’ll be to need expensive repair work.

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